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Product Care

Shoe Repairs

Please have your shoes taken to a reputable shoe repair service that specializes in Italian leather goods.  Extra shoe heels have been provided.

Shoe Care

If you experience a major issue on the surface of your shoe, please seek professional treatment from a reputable shoe repair service that specializes in Italian leather goods. 

The sooner you seek professional assistance, the more pleased you will be with the outcome.

Caring For Calf-Skin, Full-Grain Leather

A shoe made of full-grain leather allows you to treat the material yourself in three steps: 

  • Cleaning
  • Moisturizing
  • Waxing, to make your shoes shine

You will experience better results if you wait at least 10 minutes between steps. This allows the leather to absorb the product better.

  • Cleaning – Proper cleaning requires two instruments: a brush and a liquid shoe cleaner. You should use only a brush made from horsehair. Horsehair is soft enough that it does not damage the surface, yet probing enough that it removes the dust and dirt that collects on the street.
  • Moisturizing – You can find a variety of leather moisturizers on the market, primarily in black, brown and neutral colors. For better long-term results, we recommend using a neutral shade on new shoes. New shoe leather is unflawed and a neutral-colored moisturizer maintains the leather’s natural color. Applying a colored hue over the top can change the leather’s natural appearance permanently.
  • If a shoe, however, has acquired a scratch, please use a colored moisturizer to conceal it. You can use a black moisturizer to conceal a surface blemish on a black shoe, for example.
  • The best moisturizing applicators also are made of horsehair. Please dip your brush into the moisturizer and begin applying it from the back of the shoe first, and working forward, applying moisturizer evenly over the shoe’s entire surface.
  • Waxing – Many moisturizers typically include wax as an ingredient. Please use another large, soft horsehair brush to burnish the leather and bring out its shine. For additional shine, please use a cloth made of cotton, silk or another smooth textile. Keep stroking the shoe until the shine emerges.

Caring For Laminated Leather 

Laminated leather features a foil surface with a metal-material finish, which limits its capacity to absorb cleaners and moisturizers.

Please clean your laminated-leather shoes, but do not moisturize them. 

To clean laminated leather, please use an extremely soft horsehair brush. If the surface becomes scratched, it cannot be repaired. 

For additional shine, please use a soft silk or cotton cloth to burnish the surface of the entire shoe.

Caring For Suede Leather 

Suede comes from the leather’s flesh, and its capacity for absorption is quite high. Please do not use a moisturizer or wax on suede.

Use a liquid cleaner and apply it carefully and uniformly.

Use a stiff brush to clean the suede and then comb the surface to remove the dirt.

If you need to clean a small suede surface, like a strap, please avoid applying excessive friction. Please brush this surface gently to preserve the delicate sewing thread that is used to affix the shoe’s upper. 

Caring For The Lining

To clean your shoes’ lining, please spray cleaner onto a cloth, reach inside the shoe, and wipe as much of the surface area as possible.

Caring For Beaded Flowers

The Salma collection are embellished with hand crafted crystal bead flowers that are particularly delicate and any slight discrepancy in the flower detailing and the position of the features are characteristics of this handmade product and only enhance its uniqueness.

Apply your perfumes, lotions, etc. before you put your shoes.

In order to avoid any damage we suggest to keep them away from water.

We highly recommend to store them in their separate dust bags.