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The Mia Becar Foundation

Created through the luxury shoe company, Mia Becar, Founder and Creative Director, Betzabe Gonzalez, partnering with The California Community Foundation, The Mia Becar Foundation is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurial women all over the world. A personal responsibility of giving back to society has been a life-long passion of Betzabe while her limitless visions of inspiring women have become a reality through the foundation.

“It has been my lifelong passion to give back to my community. From the moment we started The Adrian and Betsy Gonzalez Foundation in 2008, and still today, and continuing in 2020 with The Mia Becar Foundation, giving back is part of us.”

"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."

– Dalai Lama

Vision Statement

At The Mia Becar Foundation our vision is to support women around the world, of all ages, in areas of culture, education, health and wellness. We are committed to empowering women and their families to live their best lives. Our core values focus on where passion meets purpose to help build communities while working together to make the world a better place. We believe there are unlimited opportunities partnering with generous individuals and corporations who share in our passions to help make an impact on today’s society and inspire others with a world of endless possibilities. Together we can shine, every step of the way.

Three pillars of the Mia Becar foundation

The Arts

Supporting and sponsoring young artists with needs for materials, classes, and start-up expenses for galleries and art exhibits.


Assistance with fees and dues for educational or vocational classes, helping those with passion to follow their dreams and learn to be successful entrepreneurs.

Health and Wellness

Preventative testing not covered by insurance, mental health retreats, and educational classes for the mind and body; teaching proper care and respect for a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their family.


The Mia Becar Foundation is a component fund of the California Community Foundation, a 501c3 public charity. Contributions to the California Community Foundation represent irrevocable gifts subject to the legal and fiduciary control of the foundation’s board of directors.