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About Us

Latina designer Betzabe Gonzalez founded Mia Becar, a direct-to-consumer luxury shoe brand in 2019.
“When I’m designing, I’m thinking about the women who are going to wear them. I’m not thinking about trends when I’m designing. I’m thinking about creating shoes that women will wear, and will love, for a very long time.”
Betzabe Gonzalez, Mia Becar Founder & Creative Director
Who We Are
Mia Becar has a strong female voice and unique identity – the brand name itself (‘Mia’ meaning ‘mine’ in Spanish and ‘Becar’ being a contraction of inspirational women in Betsy’s life.
Since the brand’s inception, Mia Becar has grown from a small DTC company into an international label, recognized for its unique designs and exceptional artistry.
Passion & Intention
Betzabe is a woman designing for women. Mia Becar strives to make modern legacy pieces for sophisticated, unapologetic, and adventurous women on the go.
Our collections, meticulously handmade in Italy from the finest of materials, celebrate exceptional craftsmanship, boldness and timeless femininity inspired by Betsy’s love of color, travel and her passion for artisanal traditions and techniques.
Behind the Designs
Mia Becar is about shoes that live beyond the art, transcending trends, and creating legacy pieces that will be passed on.
Each pair is artfully crafted and features combinations of motifs and textures, stunning architectural elements as well as eye-catching details and accents, from glass beads and handpainted leather flowers to Swarovski-adorned bows and colorful embroidery.
The Process
Mia Becar also commits to creative collaborations with specialized regional talent as well as indigenous communities.
Partnerships include the female artisans of Wixárika for our unique Salma and jewelry collections, renowned fashion designers like Kim Shui, Bibhu Mohapatra, Naeem Khan, and Steven Birnbaum to curate unique handmade collections for our customers.
the artisans
In the news
Most recently, Mia Becar received Fashion Group International’s Rising Star Award for Accessories and introduced its collections in mainland China, launching a WeChat store.
Speak of various press features and mentions of noteworthy status and include influencers and celebrities seen wearing our styles.

Mias in the Making

The Allie Satin Lace-up Sandal
Behind the Shoes